Open Decks

DJ klub præsenteret af Råstof.

Open Decks

Open Decks is the cosy thursday hangout for electronic music lovers in Copenhagen. Our events are all about meeting like-minded people, having a good time, networking and discovering new music.

The decks are open for everyone, veterans and new talent alike.
We see this as a great opportunity for aspiring house and techno dj’s to get a chance to show what they got. We know that it can be a real challenge to get into this scene, as venues for these genres are limited, we hope that these events will help establish new connections through the music.

Important! Read if you want to play! 

For this round we are going to try a new way of picking who gets to play. Sign up is done at Råhuset on the night, everyone who signs up then gets their name into a poll and every two hours new names are drawn and gets to play next.

So to sum it up:
1) Show up
2) Sign up and get your name into the poll
3) Keep an eye out to see if your name is drawn

The gear will be a Pioneer xdj rx and two 1210 vinyl players (bring your own pickup if you plan to play vinyl)

All the best from the Råstof crew.



Onkel Dannys Plads 7

1711 København V
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