CineWine #18 x MADBOKS

X-MASS edition.

X-MASS will be upon us at the time of the event.

We have special collaboration with MADBOKS - great initiative to fight food waste in Copenhagen.
For this occasion, we will screen a documentary talking about food waste / environ/sustainability.
Join us for winter hygge on fatboys, wine, intimate lights and good company.

If you are person that enjoys wine and good movies, this is the event just for you! We are aiming to create community of people that enjoy these two great "inventions", so why not enjoy them together ?
This event is happening with the great help of Råhuset for renting the venue and providing for us.

Be sure of:
- great movies
- tasty wine
- good atmosphere
- like-minded people
- free snacks

Evenings have laid-back and cosy atmosphere and we would encourage you to come along and bring your friends and close ones. By what we mean cosy is also candles, pillows and fatboys 
Lottery is going to happen for sure.
Stay Tuned !


This is place that is welcoming to people from all over the world, various sexualities and religions. We want to discuss and exchange opinions in civilized manner. Just wanted to point out that no matter who you are, you are welcome 


CineWine is event that wants to encourage people to watch quality movies that hold significance for cinematography and aims to connect people - create community feeling (in the midst of this individualistic society).
We have FB group (CineWine CPH club), where we encourage attendees to join to get news and updates! - also for administration reasons, which will be explained during the event. Link for the group is here:
If you are up for supporting this non-profit session, share this on your Facebook, tell about this to your peers and network, but most importantly come!



Onkel Dannys Plads 7

1711 København V
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