The Many Worlds Interpretations + TBA + James Baand

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Back again. I've been digging around other people's playlists and came across The Many Worlds Interpretations. Slacker rock is my jive.

The Many Worlds Interpretations

Our music is forthright and bumpy with straightforward riffs and simple compositions that fluctuate between slacker rock, alternative rock and pop. We released our very first EP “Pretty Much Something” in 2018. It was well resieved and got 5/6 stars in GFR ( .
We are currently working on our next LP which will come out spring 2022.
Songs touches on topics such as apathy, human imperfection, laziness and love. One of the core values in the creative process is “honesty” and we try to choose that over perfection in every thing we do.


 Supports: TBA (check Facebook event for update)

 Close Out: James BAAND

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